Universal Biology Norway AS was founded in 2008 by Helge Krydsby and Arild Olsen. The company is located in Os, 35 km south of Bergen.

Our focus since the start has been to develop the best preparations for intestinal problems. We have always worked from the theory that most diseases and symptoms have their origin in the intestine.

We feel our task is to inform us that we must look for causes of problems and not just symptoms. In this way one can find a way to reverse many of their problems and not only hide the symptoms. Similarly, we have decided to launch an education program for therapists for therapists in the theme of Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Since 2009, we have educated a large number of natural therapists and skin therapists in Norway and Sweden.
In 2011, we started opening the European market and we had our first course in Denmark.

Our goal is always to supply the market with highly effective products for the treatment of bowel problems. Our experience is that fermented products have shown very good results in treatment and we have exclusive contracts for some of the best products on the market.